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Thermal Imaging

Over the past few years, Price Electrical has expanded its business into thermal imaging, servicing all over Australia. We are Level 1 accredited Thermographers, combined with over 30 years of electrical expertise. Not only can we identify potential faults, we are able to rectify or offer guidance on a solution which is presented in a detailed report.

Thermal Imaging is used to identify existing and potential hazards generated by heat which may cause fire. Electrically it can be found in the form of faulty equipment, loose connections, undersized cabling or unbalanced loads just to name a few. 

Consider thermal inspections to prevent potential hazards for the following;

  • Domestic- House switchboards, Solar installations and overhead supplies.

  • Commercial- Distribution boards including mechanical motors and motor control.

  • Industrial- all aspects of power distribution, motors and motor control. All apparatus.

  • Rural/Dairy's- overhead power supply, dairy equipment, motors and motor control.

  • Solar- thermal imaging can detect hot spots or shorted sections of cabling and panels.

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